I know Isaac personally am always impressed with his honesty, energy and attitude. He is someone you can trust, who cares about his reputation and keeping his customers happy. The work I have seen, speaks for itself. 

Vlad Zeleznik

 SDR CONSTRUCTION NY did a great Siding repair for our home in Long Island. We are very happy. The pricing was reasonable too, especially for the final service I ended up with. 

William Jones

 Job was superb. The crew was impeccably neat. They completed the job as promised, including an extra inside repair that they did for me. They were reasonably priced. My house looks like a new House ! 

Michael Kross

 Workmanship with a highly professional crew. Highly recommended Job was superb! 

Amy Warmouth

 CDR did an amazing job cleaning my gutters. It was fast and very easy. and It wasn't Expensive at all. 

Sofia D.

 Loved the results. My Home looks so much better Thanks so much they came really fast and I was happy. 

Genia n